Meghan Markle Planning to Run For U.S. President 2024

SANTA BARBARA - USA - Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is planning on running for U.S. President in 2024.

meghan markle president of the united states

There is a good reason why Meghan Markle and her little boy Harry are ordering Americans to not vote for Trump, but instead lecturing them on voting for the violent revolutionary Bolshevik rioting, looting hateful extreme left Marxist Democrat party and Biden in November.

“Meghan has political activist dreams of reforming America into a post-capitalist Marxist ‘Woke’ nation where African American women are dropped into all prominent job roles despite not being qualified for their position. Her dream is to change America fundamentally by banning all citizens from bearing arms, repealing the American constitutional right to self-defence for citizens. She also wants to reform America’s police by defunding all precincts, and abolishing most of America’s police forces. Freeing African American prisoners from jails irrespective of their crimes is also a large part of her reform program,” Julien Hern├índez, a left-wing political activist for the Democrat Party revealed on Thursday.

Meghan would also be a prominent supporter of the role of strong African American women, schooled in Marxist ideology lecturing Americans daily on how to live a good soviet lifestyle.

“Intrinsic within Meghan’s strong feminist outlook is the idea that women of African origin would be shoehorned into all governmental roles, and fill the Senate as well as Congress. Meghan would also install African American women into all judicial roles, purely to control all sectors of policy and governmental institutions,” one of Meghan Markle’s book writers revealed in a recent op-ed article.

Not much is known however on the role of Harry, who has since taken a minor role in Meghan’s rise to power in America. Since being coerced into leaving Britain, the former prince has been isolated and is affectionately called a ‘cuck’ by many Americans.

As for the betting odds on Meghan’s move to become president, they seem to be narrowing according to bookmakers.

Hail, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, President of the United States of America, 2024.

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