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Communist China Must be Taught a Fundamental Lesson

BEIJING - China - At some point in time, communist China will have to choose between continuing the route of communism, or the route of capitalism leading to democracy.

Mixing capitalism with communism does not come without democracy. This is the lesson that communist China must learn.

You either have one or the other, communism and democracy do not mix, and the same goes for Marxist collectivism and Western capitalism.

The Chinese communists have grown rich off the backs of the Western capitalists; they have infiltrated the West with their agents stealing commercial and military secrets, ruined Hollywood, they have enriched much of their population through technological progress stolen from the West, but soon a time of reckoning will befall their communist roots.

Unfortunately, the globalists and Silicon Valley Big Tech companies have aligned with China’s communist stance, purely for economic reasons, they are kowtowing to the CCP’s demands and appeasing any form of brutalist communist propaganda, as well as censorship. Globalists need to change their stance and instead of appeasing the communist agenda, they should be dissuading the communist Chinese political movement.

China will have to choose between continuing on the path of capitalism and embracing democracy,  staying rich, or continuing as a communist state thus reverting to the days of shortages and poverty.

Soon, communist China will have to deal with a crisis of identity and will have to choose the right path to go on, either that of democracy or communism. As much as the communist party is flexing its imperialistic muscles in Africa, and the South China Sea, as well as in America, they are still weary of anything called democracy.

What would a democratic China look like? It would be hoped that it would not descend into the authoritarian corrupt place that Russia is today, but a more pleasing place where the current brutal internment camps detaining Uighur people are destroyed, and where people are given more freedoms. Reform would be a wonderful political and economical boost for China, with democratic elections increasing its global standing. Freedom of press instead of state run communist propaganda, and an opening of the Great Chinese Firewall so that China would finally be opened up to true global trade would increase China’s economic strength overnight.

It is sadly hard to envision such a closed off communist totalitarian regime ever embracing democracy, but China has tried the capitalist route so far, therefore, maybe in a few decades they may see the benefits of democracy. The West must act as well in either taking away China’s economic advantage, especially in trade, if they continue to pursue the communist route.

If China is reduced to poverty, it may think about what it lost, and how they can regain their position in the world by embracing democracy and discarding the Maoist communist little red book forever. Democracy must come from within but the West can always help in persuading the move by decreasing trade with the communist Chinese state until an impasse is met.

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