China India covid death toll

The Daily Squib never believed for one second that the numbers of deaths from the Communist Chinese authorities on the coronavirus pandemic were correct, despite Western media quoting official Chinese figures without question, and the WHO praising the communist regime for their ‘exemplary work’ in the fight against a virus that emanated from their own backyard, and has caused untold damage to the globe.

Thousands of urns awaiting collection in Wuhan, the city that was the first epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic, have raised questions about the true scale of the death toll in China.

New photos circulating online showing long lines of relatives waiting outside funeral homes in the Chinese city for the remains of their loved ones have renewed pressure on the ruling Communist party to reveal the full truth about impact of the Covid-19 virus.

According to Chinese government figures, 2,535 people in Wuhan died of the virus. This figure given by the lying Chinese is an absolute bollocks fabrication when the total of deaths caused by coronavirus is more in the region of 100,000, as the Daily Squib predicted in February.

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Whilst the Chinese claim to have halted the virus in China, they are now trying to put a benevolent face on their efforts to help other countries, when in fact it is the Chinese Communist Party’s utter lies about the whole infection/death rate which is shameful, and a blatant cover-up that has endangered the world further. The Chinese Communist Party is a shameful disgrace, and the pestilence they have brought on the world from their negligence is beyond reproach.

The truth is we will never know the true extent to the Chinese cover-up, the journalists who tried to report things disappeared, the doctors who tried were publicly shamed then silenced, and the dead don’t speak.

One thing we do know is China is solely responsible for the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus around the globe.