In the guise of quarantine, reports are coming through that  the Chinese state is using the virus outbreak as an excuse to round up those who are deemed enemies of the state.

Chinese citizens who are political activists especially those who support democracy or tell the truth are being falsely accused of coronavirus infection and then put in internment camps and quarantine centres where they are then infected by the virus.

“If you are on the list, they will come for you, and you will never be seen again,” one fearful lawyer revealed on Twitter.

There is a serious element of fear to the totalitarian Chinese state’s Stalinist actions, but there is nothing anyone can do to counteract it, and nowhere to escape because the coronavirus has caused all borders to be checked and all roads controlled. This situation is the perfect opportunity for China’s state to clean house.


Citizen journalist, Chen Qiushi is currently missing, and disappeared a few days ago after posting his latest coronavirus update video. No one yet knows where he has been taken, but many speculate he was arrested and detained by the Chinese communist Stasi police and will be tortured before being indefinitely detained in a Chinese gulag.