DEMOCRATIC REVOLUTION: Rise Up Chinese People From Communist Oppression During Coronavirus Epidemic

LONDON - England - We broadcast a brief communiqué from the 'Democracy Movement of China' who are urging an uprising right now to topple the totalitarian communist regime with a Democratic Revolution.

The Coronavirus epidemic in China has brought to the fore the absolute brutality of the totalitarian communist regime in place in the vast country, and this is why a democratic revolution is needed now more than ever.

As people you are taken away, put in wards where there is little or no treatment, or your homes barricaded without food or water, or if you tell the truth about the coronavirus spread, detained, tortured and told to sign a false confession. The amount of unspeakable horror committed by the Chinese communist state during this virus outbreak are too numerous to write here.

There is a way out. Resistance, organised resistance against the communist state en masse. Fight, fight for freedom, liberty, democracy and justice.

During this time of coronavirus now is the time to get organised, to fight back against your oppressors and the officials who have left many to die needlessly. Every day the thousands of bodies that are cremated, and not recorded in the documentation is not only a cover-up, but a form of genocide. The nameless are simply erased from the earth, whole families cremated and all records of their existence deleted.

You may die, you may survive, but democratic revolution can come when enough people rise up to topple the communists who have brought a rotten curtain over China for so long.

Democracy can win through oppression, and the totalitarian communist Chinese state is now in a state of disarray, this is the time to bring about revolution which will complete the Tiananmen Square fight of 1989.

Guerilla warfare is the way to bring Democracy to China, as a technique Mao Tse Tung used to bring communism to China. The communists have banned firearm use, however these can be easily obtained from the right people.

You can restore the real China once again, the true China that the people deserve, throw away the Red Book, burn it!