Instagram Influencer Gives Makeup Tips Whilst Dying of Coronavirus

NEW YORK - USA - Despite dying of coronavirus, one Instagram influencer refused to be stopped in making her sponsored posts.

Instagram Influencer ICU coronavirus

It’s hard taking selfies every five minutes while you are hooked up to a ventilator and your lungs are filled with fluid, but Jameelia Shaquila, an Instagram influencer who makes thousands every year from her 2.8 million subscribers can do it.

“Try this rouge on your face from Permamax, and it will brighten your whole fucking face up,” the Instagram influencer sneezes, and a large glistening globule of white pus flies from her ventilator’s mouthpiece and lands on another patient’s face in the ICU ward.

The influencer receives thousands of dollars just for mentioning a brand name, and like all Instagrammers on the take, has never paid a dime in tax either.

Look good on Spring Break

“When you have a seizure as the virus attacks your neurological system, you can add some extra shade of purple around the eyes to hide the bruises as your head hits the bed frame.

“Today, I am wearing a Bikinidoll singlet $23.99, and a G-Squad G-string, $12.99. Y’all can buy them from the links below. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button.”

One photograph shows Jameelia’s ventilator mouthpiece filling with fluid and pus from her lungs as she tries to smile for her Instagram fans, whilst simultaneously applying lipstick over her obnoxiously pouting botoxed trout lips gasping for air.

Ah, what a shame, Jameelia passed away last night whilst applying some foundation powder over her face. Her fickle plastic fans immediately switched to one of the other myriad of influencers.