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First Coronavirus Wave is Testing Ground – Second – Third Wave Proving Ground

LONDON - England - The second and third wave of the coronavirus COVID-19 will be more deadly than the first trial run.

If you catch the mild form of coronavirus COVID-19, it does not mean you are cured. There are instances of people catching two or three mutations at the same time. Once you are supposedly ‘cured’ you can be infected again.

Some scientists say the virus has 40 mutation strains, others say only 8 strains, the true number cannot be fully known as the virus is very mobile, and is constantly mutating within each region it infects.

The coronavirus is biphasic with multiple infections carrying multiple strains occurring on one single victim. One person or ‘super-spreader’ can shed the virus to multiple individuals even if they show no visible symptoms.

This airborne virus is carried in water droplets from the infected person, and can be transmitted by speech, sneezing, coughing and through touch.

If you do not wear proper N95 plus full facemasks, gloves and eye protection in public places you are in severe danger of catching one of the many strains of the deadly pathogen that is killing thousands of people right now. In the UK, for example, no one in public enclosed spaces wears protection, and this is why the virus infection rate is so high.

The misconception that after the first wave, people would have immunity to the coronavirus is wrong, as stated above, there are many different mutations of COVID-19, and as one area is seen to be supposedly clean, another global area will be infected, and air travel will carry through passengers the virus onto the supposedly cleaned up area for a double dose of infection. Those who were infected beforehand will get infected further, as many times the virus stays dormant within its victim even if deemed ‘cured’.

Governments are not factoring the known scientific information that those already infected, can be re-infected thus causing cytokine storms within the immune system, much like happened during the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, where the second wave of infection was the ultimate killer.

A cytokine storm is an overproduction of immune cells and their activating compounds (cytokines), which, in a flu infection, is often associated with a surge of activated immune cells into the lungs. The resulting lung inflammation and fluid buildup can lead to respiratory distress and can be contaminated by a secondary bacterial pneumonia — often enhancing the mortality in patients. SOURCE

The only purely efficient way of stopping the entry of COVID-19 within a territory is to either halt all entry, or devise a test that would detect the virus even whilst dormant. Therefore, those who are infected can be denied entry to an uninfected zone. As yet, there is still no test of this kind that has been developed.

There would have to be viable testing of the whole population, where those who have been infected, even only once, are separated from the population who are uninfected. There would have to be periodical testing of the population to ensure that no one has been infected.

Due to the structure of the global economy, stopping all entry into a nation via air/sea/rail/road is not a viable option because the economy is more important than human life.

This is why there will be many waves of the mutated virus, and in each wave, the toll upon the population will increase until the virus is somehow halted.

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