Chinese April Fool’s Day?

WUHAN - China - This year's April Fool's Day is Chinese, because it is the essence of the coronavirus pandemic that is now ravaging the globe. Thank you China!

Pinch yourself, is this a Chinese nightmare, is this a fucking Chinese April Fool trick?

No, unfortunately, the globe really is in the middle of a virus pandemic which came from China.

This awful Chinese Virus is a pestilence that has caused TRILLIONS of dollars of damage to the global economy and is knocking off a few people here or there as well.

The Chins are communists and do not have a sense of humour, so, if you play a joke on someone in China, prepare to be reported to your local communist official, where you will be taken away, the soles of your feet beaten with a stick, then put in a prison never to be seen again.

Imagine waking up in your bed with a large scar down the side of your body. Chinese April Fool’s! You just had your kidney taken out and sold in a market in Guangdong! How about that for a joke?

During this lovely China pandemic nightmare, prepare to have your life changed forever.

Hundreds of thousands of poor souls globally are losing their lives and their jobs because some Chinese arsehole in an animal market ate bat soup along with a pangolin. It was really that simple…and here’s the clincher..the Wuhan live animal markets where coronavirus came from have just reopened, and they’re doing the same thing as change.

Chinese April Fool’s day muffuggas!