Kampala - Uganda
Kampala - Uganda

It’s amazing, the places with the largest populations have come out pretty much untouched by the COVID-19 coronavirus, whilst global areas which are doing everything they can to lower their carbon footprint, and are reducing their indigenous populations with low birthrates are currently getting the hard end of the stick.

Some people have suggested that the temperature zone at the latitude from China to the US, which includes Europe is a key factor, however it is invariably the main air traffic centres which are the cause of the mass proliferation of the coronavirus.

The virus started in Wuhan, China, a country with a population of 1.4 Billion people, yet the coronavirus barely touched that statistic. To be truly effective for the planet’s survival, the Chinese population has to be reduced by at least 90%. The China Virus has barely decimated a decimal of what is needed.

Poverty covid-19
Ghetto and slums in Delhi, India

Africa, India, South America, S.E. Asia, where extreme poverty is prevalent, where vast sections of the populace live in unsanitary circumstances, where pollution is rife should be the place where the coronavirus should be spreading like wildfire but it is not.

Even in South Africa, where millions of people are infected with HIV, and live in shanty towns in close proximity to each other, the virus is practically non-existent.

India, one of the most densely populated countries in the world is a serious candidate for COVID-19 but has escaped mostly untouched.

The initial spread of the Chinese Virus was started by Chinese tourists across the major Western cities, and it is supposed, Chinese tourists have little or no interest in visiting some city in the middle of Africa, therefore, in this respect, Africa, India, South America, Middle East have been shielded by the China Virus.

South America is untouched, and much of the Middle East, India is completely free of the virus.

This coronavirus, if it does continue to decimate Western countries, is directly targeting the key points of civilisation and the modern industrial developed world, and wholly ignoring the Third World developing nations.

Brazilian favela in Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian favela in Rio de Janeiro