They Can Give Boris Leprosy, Rabies, Covid-19, or Bubonic Plague – HE WILL STILL DELIVER BREXIT

LONDON - England - The PM Boris Johnson has been diagnosed to have the COVID-19 coronavirus and is still leading the country.

Boris Johnson Coronavirus Fuck Off
COVID-19 Fuck Off!

Boris Johnson has COVID-19, albeit the mild strain luckily.

Our PMĀ  will get through this little mishap, and he will continue to do his work much to the chagrin of the vile subhumans on Twitter wishing him death and all sorts of nastiness.

We know you will not be bothered by this pesky disease, and you will soldier on despite the illness.

Boris Johnson will deliver Brexit and he will get us through the COVID-19 pandemic despite everything that is thrown at him by the French, Satan, Beelzebub, the EU Commission or the Labour party.

Fuck ’em all BoJo You will beat this!!!!