With over 100,000 Chinese people infected, the deaths from coronavirus are being vastly misreported by the Chinese Communist State.

Incinerators and mass graves have been in constant use since the outbreak, and the hospital corridors are still filling up with corpses of the infected.

There are even reports of infected people being buried alive, or put into crematoriums still alive. This is a Chinese technique used with outbreaks of viruses in pigs.

Many journalists have been arrested because they tried to expose the extent of the Chinese state cover up. The original journalist who filmed the video (below) with a hidden camera has since disappeared, and will probably be never seen again.

The inhumane response by Communist officials is also witnessed with people whether infected or not being forcibly detained in their homes without food or water. Their doors are barricaded and their windows have bars put on them. The people, crying out for help are then abandoned to die.

Human life as we already know is cheap in China, where people disappear daily to have their organs harvested for rich customers.

The authorities in the West are playing down the virus, and say it only has a 2% fatality risk, however, this is because they are not receiving the proper data from China, whose authorities are not declaring the full extent of the problem, especially with all the bodies that have been incinerated without any records taken. Naturally, the Western agencies do not want to alarm the population, however, utilising false Chinese data could be more harmful in the long run.

If there is to be any real way of tackling this virus, it would need total transparency from the Chinese authorities as to the true extent of the virus infection, and recorded deaths, however it is doubtful that this will ever happen.

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