Newly Built Wuhan Coronavirus Hospital is Amazing

WUHAN - China - The newly built state-of-the-art hospital will hold 1000 inmates, state officials have announced.

wuhan hospital coronavirus

Photographs of the interior of the newly built Coronavirus hospital in Wuhan, China have been released by state officials.

Death Camp

“Over here is the dumping area for corpses, and right next to it is the canteen where our soup of the day today is (looking at menu) ah, bat soup. It is a delicacy in our town, and very nutritious. If you want to get better quick, and you have the deadly coronavirus, the bat soup will cure you in no time,” state official, Sum Ting Wong, told local news stations during a tour of the new building.

The new hospital will also hold a vast crematorium where hundreds of incinerators will be working day and night.

The state-of-the-art ‘hospital’ was built in less than 8 days, and wherever you go, there is a sense that the designers did not want anyone to escape.

“Yes, the bars on each holding cell, ahem, I mean private ward, is for the safety of the condemned inmates who will be shipped in here tomorrow in secure trucks. Once they are here many will never leave again, and we want to ensure that.”

One reporter asked why there are armed guards patrolling everywhere and machine gun manned watchtowers on all sides of the hospital. The reporter was quickly escorted somewhere else, never to be seen again.

It’s good to see the Chinese treating their citizens so very well.