Creepy Uncle Joe and devout commie, Bernie Sanders lead the field, but no one else really stands out from those two.

Mumbling Joe Biden is not doing as well as Bernie Sanders though, and it seems Bernie is going to pip Joe at the post.

Elizabeth Warren is the long shot, and is trailing the field, as well as Battygig, and the Chinese guy and Amy Klobichar, not forgetting Bloomberg.

Donald Trump is okay with all of them, but Bernie Sanders would be such a move to the left that it would be a gift to Trump in the election. Communism, is easy to fight because it is so against the American ideals of liberty and freedom, and Bernie is the American version of Jeremy Corbyn.

Trump’s rallies are getting bigger and hotter at every new location, whilst the Dems are relegated to dirty political tricks like fake impeachments, fake investigations into Russian collusion, and other costly fake attempts to unseat the Teflon Don. The amount of taxpayer cash the Dems have wasted with their vindictive witch hunts is ridiculous, but still they go on and on without a care in the world. From the Iowa Caucuses, we have Super Tuesday on March 3, and even more primary selections.

The crowds for the crowded field all have the same vacuous, hypnotised look with their inane cheering and faked NPC whooping.

Meanwhile, billionaire Bloomberg is biding his time and has not attended the Iowa Caucuses putting all his efforts into Super Tuesday.

It’s a long road to Tipperary…