philippe starck padded cell woman

Axiom Space, the world’s leading privately-owned space exploration company, announced the launching of the first space tourism program that will fly individuals on expeditions to the International Space Station (ISS).

Philippe Starck was asked by Axiom to create interiors of the habitation module for the Axiom Space Station.

Starck’s vision was to create a nest, a comfortable and friendly egg, which would feature materials and colours stemmed from a fetal universe. The walls are sprinkled with hundreds of nano-Leds with changing colours as a continuation to the view on the universe through the large windows. Just as all the shades of lights and colours of day and night, the egg will also live to the mood and biorhythm of its osmotic inhabitant.

Frankly, Stark’s design vision seems to inhabit the crazy regions of a mental institute as an asylum’s massive padded cell in space. Forget about a space suit, just bring a straight jacket and you will float around the padded walls mumbling inanely about your Napoleon complex until the fucking air supply runs out.

The nano-Leds are a good touch, the schizophrenics can have added hallucinatory experiences as they float around butting their heads on the ISS windows trying to get out into space, so they can fly home.

If Starck had opted for a smooth padded wall look, maybe he could have saved the aesthetic integrity of the project, however the cushioned mental hospital padded cell look is a sick joke. One can only imagine how much Starck received for his work, but whichever rich fool commissioned this project, they are obviously oblivious to the aesthetics of design and style and easily parted from their money.

The ISS wants to bring in space tourism for the super rich, and we can only imagine a mentally challenged Kanye West and his silicone wife floating around in this padded cell, their garish jewellery shining among the nano-Leds, as they cogitate about their next Instagram photo op.

All it would take is one button push to jettison the Starck padded cell pod into deep space.

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