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Great Home Design Ideas During World War III

LONDON - England - Using wonderful home interior design ideas, you can convert formerly banal spaces into intricately stylish living quarters.

Design is all about juxtaposition of shapes within space, and this is why the Victorian chaise longue you have carefully selected has to lie in the focal position of your room, even as the first Russian bombs fall around you. Whether it is mid-century modern or art deco, the enfilade will open up the space so that radioactive particles can pass through freely your shattered clerestory with ease. Great home design ideas in the 21st Century have never been so accessible.

The choice of fabric you utilise to embellish your space during a multipronged nuclear attack are also of great import; for example, maybe some strategically placed Jacquard or Bouclé will ignite with vigour as the extreme heat waves from the nuclear detonation burst through your lavishly decorated interiors.

Yes, Bauhaus is an excellent choice, ultimately leading the eye to that special focal point within your space just before the entire lot disintegrates as the fucking Tsar Bomba detonates with an air burst 4 km from your boutique central apartment.

Do forget about patina, because the burn marks on your wall will embellish a certain pattern that only a nuclear detonation can deliver. Maybe consider commissioning an artist to indulge in some Trompe l’oeil on a wall or two, this will require you searching for an artist who is still alive.

Monochromatic is good, but as the radiation sickness accelerates you will be bleeding from every pore, so consider the effect as you stumble around your impeccably designed interior leaving bloody marks and splatters everywhere. You must therefore think of warmer colours to accentuate the blood splatters and skin falling off your body as the heat blast causes everything to catch fire.

If you opt for Arabesque, your divine Moroccan tiling and mosaics will invariably crack when the nuclear blast emits heat five times above that of the sun. You may manage to jump into your imported Moroccan fountain just before the water, and you evaporate into steam, but at least your final leap will have been with some style.

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