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Putin Takes Russian People Back to Long Queues to Buy Soviet Crap

MOSCOW - Russia - Vladimir Putin has taken the Russian people back to the Stone Age technologically and militarily.

Putin obviously does not care for the Russian people, for now they are condemned to a life of poverty, hell and technological deficit.

No more Apple iPhone, no more PlayStation and no more Louis Vuitton for Russians, as they are condemned to a life of even more poverty than they may now know. It is back behind a dirty iron curtain for the Russian people, this time enforced by the actions of their despotic leader, Vladimir Putin.

Militarily, the Russians will be moving backwards, unable to develop new technology and relegated to old tech with limited parts.

Technologically, the Russian people will be lost as the West moves ahead with its advancements, the Russians will be left behind, devoid of new tech, devoid of parts to fix old tech and where a loaf of Soviet bread will cost a wheelbarrow full of Roubles. No more DHL deliveries, no more Amazon, no more websites or online business.

Yes, of course there is China, but their knock off shit is so inferior it is not like the real thing.

There will be no more McDonald’s, no more KFC or Pizza Hut, it’s all over.

Mainland Russia is already 15 years behind the West, thanks to Putin, it will now be 35 years behind the West.

Russia might as well re-adopt communism now, because the people stand to have shit when all the sanctions, and trade blockades bite. At least with communism, there will be ordered misery for all, whereas simply under a dictatorship there is misery with little value.

Putin, where will you sail your luxury yacht now?

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