World reports are coming through that select restaurants around the world are banning Chinese people, hotels are banning Chinese people and all sorts of nonsensical xenophobia is occurring.

This is wrong. Not all Chinese people that you see, or Asian people are holders of the coronavirus, and it is fundamentally wrong to ban people from any public premises purely on their race.

Granted, there is a climate of pure fear emanating from China regarding the coronavirus, but just because someone is Asian, it does not mean they will infect you. China has essentially been quarantined by the Chinese state, and flights to the mainland from many air lines halted.

The suffering of the ordinary Chinese civilians in the totalitarian communist country is a terrible trauma compounded by the brutal regime they live under, and it is thus not the fault of the ordinary Chinese person regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Furthermore, not all Chinese people eat bats and rats, or snakes. Most Chinese people are decent individuals who even keep pet dogs and cats, they don’t all eat them.

Flights from China to the African continent, and India should be resumed, as well as the European continent, the rest of South East Asia, South America, and North America, as well as the Middle East. It does not matter that China may be in the middle of a viral outbreak, as long as the flights keep moving, the stigma of the coronavirus will be neutralised.

The Third World, and developing nations must embrace China travel, and the Chinese people instead of shying away and utilising xenophobic ideals.

The world needs to wake up from its hysterical terror filled state of perpetual fear, because if it does not, then fear is the only winner.

Next time you see a Chinese person in the street, do not run from them, smile at them, grab that Chinese person and give them a big hug…because they really need it right now, infected or not.