Minute-Man Trump

The shameful British have forgotten how to rule themselves, they have been slaves for so long to Brussels. Theresa May, the current PM, is an insipid scrawny grey pustule who could not make a deal with a paper bag let alone a coterie of unelected officials from the EU.

Watching the inspiring speech by Trump on Thursday regarding the reintroduction of manufacturing of steel back into the USA was a momentous moment for many workers who have been bypassed by the likes of Obama who favoured communist China over American workers. Trump, much to the chagrin of the American socialists is actually making a difference to many peoples’ lives.


Trump’s earlier meeting with Juncker sealed further trade concessions from the EU, in just a few hours of talks. Something the timid, listless British cannot do as they cower in the corner scared to even utter a word to their EU masters.

Britain indeed is a country enslaved for so long it has a case of Stockholm Syndrome. If the British had an ounce of the balls that Trump has we would have been out of the EU prison a long time ago, instead Britain kowtows to every Brussels demand and is left in a shameful imbroglio, as the likes of Michel Barnier tighten their octopus grip over the imprisoned country.

Britain, infected by the treachery of Remoaners, people who actively seek to do harm to the country by sabotaging every attempt to leave the EU protectionist racket, and its totalitarian Sovietized ideology are a testament that there are many Marxists within the British Isles. One day hopefully they will be rooted out and made to pay for their crimes.

Can’t we hire Trump for at least one hour to go at it at the EU? He would no doubt stride into the meeting, slap something on the table, then say take it or leave it. The EU would capitulate or be thrown into total disarray. This is how Trump would negotiate with the EU, who are using Britain’s cowardice and negativity to great effect.

Apart from a few Brexiteers in parliament, no one has any balls anymore. Even the grandchild of Churchill, the bloated cochon Soames has been paid off by the EU and would sell off Britain at the drop of a hat. How ironic that Soames is now a Haw Haw. Winston Churchill most certainly did not give him any balls down the line, as he waddles around the Commons floor like a fat cheap whore on the take. That spinning sound you hear when Soames speaks is the sound of his grandfather in his grave.

Winston Churchill’s vision of the EU was one led by Britain and France, and not Germany, and this is the crux of the matter. Whilst Britain was a member of the EU it had no say, and no power.

If no one steps up soon to delete Theresa May, and her Remoaners, all will be lost. All hope, all chance of freedom, all national pride, but it seems that Britain had little or no national pride anyway.

Please Mr. Trump come and save Britain, as the Americans saved Britain in World War II.