What could you do with more than $125 billion? A lot, you say. Well, $125 billion just disappeared off Facebook’s value in a few minutes after its QE2 earnings came through and a new censorship drive was pushed through.

Much of the loss for these FANG stocks will be the precursor for more falls as time goes by, because investors have been hit hard with the fall. No one with a brain or a wallet wants to touch these stocks, simply because of the climate we are in now.

On the bright side, at least Zuckerberg burned a new U.S record. The one day drop of Facebook was the highest stock market single day loss in known American history.

Socialists are meant to be inclusive

This climate is an Orwellian deluge of mass censorship, mass deletions, and un-inclusivity. What the socialists who run these tech media companies do not realise is that they are censoring the spice that made their boring formats exciting. Anyone with an education and logical thought process can see if a post is rather iffy or outrageous, but they watch the videos for entertainment purposes. There is no need to censor something purely because it does not conform to socialist political ideals.

There has been mass censorship of all conservative views on these platforms, there has also been shadow-banning, and mass deletions of accounts that did not conform to the communistic views of the controllers in charge.

What we have now is a completely one-sided platform on places like YouTube and Facebook, where anything with an alternative view is labelled as ‘hate speech’ then removed.

Orwellian Thoughtcrime

Defining ‘hate speech’ is a difficult proposal, but much can be plonked into its allocation folder. Much like George Orwell’s 1984, we are seeing anything that does not hold the American democratic socialist party’s line of thought as ‘hate speech’.

By removing the essence of discussion, of opposing views, you see a decline in conversation, a fall in debate, and thus these platforms are now merely propaganda machines for the American socialists to feed off each other as everyone else is excluded from the debate.

To question something is now deemed as ‘hate crime’ because the questioning goes against the narrative or socialist conditioning that is constantly put out by the tech companies and the socialist controlled media.

Censorship kills discussion, censorship kills art, and censorship kills the fundamental reason why the internet, world wide web was created. Berners-Lee surely would agree?

Censoring formerly protected genres

Google has even severely censored the Daily Squib, which is an essentially satirical parody news format, and in history satire/parody has only been heavily censored by totalitarian communist and fascist regimes. We can therefore surmise, that this time we are living in is one of a totalitarian regime, where even the supposedly protected genre of satire is attacked. Our YouTube channel which we stopped using, was shadow-banned years ago. There is no point in posting a video on the channel because it will not get any views anymore. We tested this by uploading one of our videos onto a new created account with a different name and it immediately received tens of thousands of views. The original video in our official account got 120 views over five years. This is the level of censorship we are dealing with, where creativity, innovation and alternative views are crushed to leave a bland landscape of ‘yes men’, a hive like culture where everyone says the same thing and thinks in the same way. Humanity never progressed much when everyone said the same thing, and everyone agreed. Fuck that!

What these tech companies are essentially doing is aligning themselves with communist China and its censorship technique. Facebook is itching to get into the Chinese market, therefore they are aligning themselves with the same communist ideals as the Chinese.

One can only hope that the censors bring these FANG stocks, and the rest of the fucking NASDAQ down by another 40-60%.

Let us see how your censorship works then you socialist ‘inclusive’ controllers of all media.