theresa may rigor mortis

With 39 signatures already lodged by backbenchers to dump Theresa May in a vote of no confidence, May’s act of sheer stupidity and arrogance is of stripping the Brexit department of any responsibility in EU negotiations and appointing Remainer, lickspittle Olly Robbins in charge of everything.

The PM cannot be trusted, as she has been proven to be a liar and deceitful snake by trying to push through the Olly Robbins penned Chequers Brino proposal.


The announcement was sneaked in just minutes before Mr Raab and Mr Robbins were due to give evidence to the Commons Brexit committee and appeared to be a major snub to the new Brexit secretary who is only in his second week of the job.

This move by Theresa May in effect makes Raab into a mere ‘yes man’ as he has no powers whatsoever, and will answer chiefly to Robbins.

The DS is under a BREXIT war footing at the moment and will continue to urge the deliverance of Britain from this treasonous hijacking of Brexit by Remainers and the duplicitous lying Mrs May.

Theresa May has to go! Any method will do, either under a bus, or the 1922 committee will suffice. If the Tories do not unseat Theresa May soon, many Conservative MPs in marginal seats will be unseated for a very long time as no one will vote for them ever again.

Enjoy your holiday you lying old goat, because when you come back you won’t be PM any more.