Dominic Scab Instated as BRINO Secretary to Oversee ‘Brexit In Name Only’

LONDON - England - A scab is a scab, and Dominic Scab is now in charge of Theresa May's BRINO project selling out Britain for a pittance.

It takes a special type of person to look you in the eye and sell you something that is flawed, wrong and extremely dangerous.

Introducing Theresa May’s pick for BRINO Secretary, Dominic Scab, because essentially he is a scab, and even though he campaigned for Leave, he knows what he is doing now is just going through the motions, selling out Britain for the lowest price.

Any former Leaver who now takes the job of BRINO Secretary has no fucking soul, or guts, and is a coward, only in it for the bribes.

“This guy, Scab, will make no difference. We must remember that Theresa May only answers to Brussels and Olly Robbins now, the treasonous Remainer locust who has weaselled his way into the PM’s close circle,” one MP quipped from the halls of Westminster.

Nevertheless, we shall see from the oncoming days how events unfold with the BRINO and all the Remainers who took over and killed off Brexit.

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