When the Tories Are Not Conservative Anymore – Jeremy Corbyn is a Viable Option

LONDON - England - When the Conservative party is no longer conservative, what redress does the voter have for the next election apart from voting for Jeremy Corbyn?

When the Conservative party is no longer conservative, when Britain is preferred to be a nation ruled by others with laws governing the UK, why not go for Jeremy Corbyn as the next inhabitant of Number 10?

In essence, the whole of the system has gone to pot anyway, so let us reach out for more chaos, more disorder. Let us bite the bullet in ridiculousness, in utter monstrous change that ruins Britain further, because this nation has already gone way below any viable meter, it has in fact plumbed the depths of depravity that can never be fixed ever again.

When we have members of the Conservative party openly deriding Britain, openly causing harm on the country and plotting its fall, and these people are applauded, they are not thrown headfirst from the Tory party, no, they are allowed to continue to create discord, to plot with Brussels, to receive payment from the nation’s enemies to hurt Britain and its interests. There is no hope in the Conservative party, and their stance on Brexit is the defining moment when the people who championed the Tories once should punish them dearly by voting and supporting Jeremy Corbyn to come to power and his high tax, unholy crusade to punish the rich, to punish the royals, and to punish the landed classes with his antithesis to capitalism, and his Soviet Marxist ideals of collectivisation.

Yes, the country would fall even further into debt, and multiple generations of Britons would be saddled with paying that off, but the Tories squandered their chance, especially with the unelection of Theresa May as PM.

It is too late, it is too far gone to say anything else other than let us unite behind the communist shisters in Momentum and their champagne socialist Islington affairs resplendent with the horrendous Marxist agenda brought upon by Comrade Corbyn.

Let us support the grey bearded, red socked, sandalled one who shall step over the hallowed doorstep of Number 10, Downing Street, and defile the very corridors, and rooms that Margaret Thatcher once resided.

The blood, crimson, bubbling with ardour and oozing from the blue stained Tories is one that has come to be poured into a bucket, and tipped gently over the head of Theresa May. She had her chance, she squandered it. Now, she and the country will be punished forever by a Corbyn win — a pure hell that will envelope the nation like a dark tumultuous curtain of death.

Not only will Labour condemn the nation to hell economically, but it will also turn around any EU Brexit wins, of which there are none, and soon we will all be embroiled in a euro currency, and forever servitude to the dastardly EU.

No one had the balls to stand up to Theresa May. Not one single Tory stood up. Not one.

This is why Jeremy Corbyn should be the correct punishment for the Tory apathy, and silence.

And as Edmund Burke once said:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.”