Theresa_May Brexit

Theresa May and her Remainer Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, and all the other Remainers who are in charge of the watered down Brexit are a key factor in Britain’s democracy dying a death so horrible that to look upon the UK as a democratic country with its own sovereign laws ever again will be met only with sickening laughter.

Such is the watering down process by the insipid May, who has capitulated to every EU demand without even a word, that her contempt for the British people and their wishes is all too evident.

How Britain has fallen from once a proud nation, sailing the high seas, conquering new lands, trading worldwide, exporting their wares, and importing other products.

The death of Brexit ultimately means the death of democracy, from whence the vultures and crooked scum traitors sold off their country for a pittance and aided our enemies against the Crown.

The people of Britain are thus deemed worthless, they are mere chattel to be thrown from one place to another without say, democracy, a long forgotten memory amongst the dead eyed treasonous traitors who take backhanders from Brussels and defend their immoral ill gotten gains by backstabbing the voter.

Contempt for democracy, contempt for law, contempt for the will of the people, and contempt for Britain’s honour, only shame remains, shame and cowardice. The crooked have won, as Tony Blair laughs into the faces of the British people, he gains more riches off their misery, and he laughs even more, the delight of getting away with treason, getting away with all that he has done, the blood soaked membranes of dead Iraqi children moulded into each and every mansion he owns with his evil witch wife.

Theresa May is a cowardly grey mutt, a withering faltering non-entity who has succumbed to the EU, she has sold the British nation to the dogs, condemned us to many more years of transitionary purgatory, just as her barren womb aches for a child, she herself aches for redemption from the people who she has so callously betrayed. A stinking rotten womb black with injustice to the British people, Theresa May is a malevolent tawdry puss filled pustule that will one day burst onto her gilded mirror, a gooey reminder of what she really is, and how she cannot sleep at night any more.

None of them who betrayed Britain should ever be allowed to forget their crimes of treason, their abandonment of democracy and their treacherous selling of Britain to our enemies and their corpulent envelopes filled with dirty euros handed to them under tables, in dark alleys, and EU offices.

Betrayal of the fundamental tenets of democracy is what they have done by watering down Brexit. If one cannot hold a democratic referendum and have the result stick, what hope is there for democracy? We all know that the EU, a body of unelected officials does not value democracy, BUT BRITAIN SHOULD VALUE DEMOCRACY!

You cannot have a referendum and then say it was not the right answer you wanted then have another one, then another one until you get the correct answer according to your nefarious agenda? That IS NOT DEMOCRACY!

The people were assured that the result of the EU Referendum, held on June 23, 2016, would stand. This result was agreed to be respected by all parties, but they did not, and this is why we are here now in the year 2018, with a watered down Brexit in name only.

We have had enough of Theresa May. She has delayed, allowed Remainers to dictate what happens, and she has agreed to all EU terms without question.

Theresa May is inoperative. There is no other way than to oust this fucking turkey, and put her in the oven.

Get some fucking balls someone and get up, oust Theresa May right now. Decisions can be made in less than thirty seconds, do not think, ACT. You must do this right now, to save Britain from an un-democratic future under the EU.

This is a fight for Western Democratic rights, it is a fight for our right to make our own laws, our own sovereign national state, it is a fight for the basic tenets of δημοκρατία dēmokratía, or “rule of the people” NOT by unelected faceless Eurocrat officials from the European Commission.