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There Will Be No Brexit With Philip Hammond as Chancellor

LONDON - England - At every turn where progress seems to being made in the Brexit process, the Chancellor Philip Hammond, a staunch Remainer, is thwarting all and sundry.

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Why put someone like a staunch Remainer Philip Hammond as the Chancellor of the Exchequer?

This is the ultimate question that must be asked, because this putrid excuse for a Briton is a Remainer, a person who is against Britain’s freedom from the EU, a person who would sell Britain down the river at the drop of a hat.

Let us consider for one second what this means to Brexit.

At every turn, you will have Hammond bearing down on the key Brexiteers within cabinet. At every possible policy change, there will be this iconoclast putting a spanner in the works.

One can only conclude that either Theresa May is extremely stupid or naive, or she deliberately put this traitorous Remain zealot into one of the highest posts in government on purpose.

Remove this pox immediately if we are to Brexit, otherwise we will be in a state of stasis until people lose their fervour to Brexit. There is also the distinct possibility that stalling Brexit for as long as possible will create an additional feeling of apathy in the people, who will forget and let this go. That is what they hope.

Whatever the outcome of this tumultuous affair, one thing is for certain, the new PM is making Brexit promises that may never occur and this is dangerous not only  for her position but for the relative calm we are witnessing at the moment. There are still staunch Brexiteers out there, and they never forget. They know who the Remainers are, and these people are seen as Vichy apologists and treacherous traitors, who would no doubt be targets if severe civil unrest were to break out.

Yes, it is unfortunate, however civil unrest is a distinct possibility if the wishes of the people are not adhered to. Not only would there be a major fracturing of the political system but society as a whole could be smashed for many years to come. The unfettered influx is too much to take for millions, and it will have to stop one way or another.

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