Experts: Prepare For Twenty Years of Riots Unless Brexit

LONDON - England - Without a Brexit, there will be riots across Britain amongst anarchy and chaos never imagined. No, this is not Project Fear, but a certainty.

The reason for the chaos and riots is quite simple. If Britons don’t vote for a Brexit, there will be another massive deluge of migrants never before seen on these shores.

Forget about calling an ambulance for your sick child, or calling for a fire engine when your house is on fire, as for the police, they will be too busy with the riots or will have been disbanded because of governmental cuts.

There is no remedy for the oversubscribed NHS or the school system which is barely functioning at the moment apart from Brexit.

The riots will be all encompassing, across the length and breadth of Britain and there will be no escape either, wherever you go you will find discontent, chaos and the blood will run thick in the streets.

Supermarket shelves will be empty as millions take to the streets in search of food and to loot as much as they can.

Death and Mayhem

Anarchist groups are hoping for a Remain vote for a very good reason, they want the chaos to topple the government and monarchy. Why do you think they’re in the Calais jungle inciting and advising illegal migrants to cross the Channel.

With no school places left for your children, no hospital beds, and no police, law and order will break down very quickly as Britain absorbs the deluge from the EU and Third World.

The Benefits system will eventually collapse due to lack of taxpayer funds as the migrants eat the welfare system dry, and they themselves will take to the streets in frustration.

The tiny island of Britain has already become a dumping ground for millions of migrants, but the deluge will reach astronomic levels if Britain stays in the EU.


The anarchist groups are waiting for the EU referendum with bated breath, for they know what is coming. Soon they will be flying their flag from Buckingham palace, and dragging a soaked Kate Middleton down the street in her £5,000 dress, only pausing for a second or two to jeer and spit at her.

Jeremy Corbyn, is an Anarcho-Marxist, his role will increase in the event of a Remain vote. He will rally the troops, to round up the Jews, the rich and the remaining monarchy, lined up against blood stained walls and brutally dispatched with no mercy.

This is the future of Britain under the EU. It had no qualms about crushing Greece, inciting mass riots and destroying their economy, why should it have any qualms about destroying Britain.

The EU does not want a strong Britain, it does not in any circumstances want an economy that is doing well globally, and this is why it is crushing the British steel industry under the auspices of China.

Children of Men

The riots will halt everything, once one riot starts, it will spread, and so on. The sheer anger amongst the population is so high, the closeted ignorant Cameron Cabinet will not know what to do. There has never been such a weak lily livered prime minister to date, and as in many things, this out of touch wet rag will wilt further as he is caught in the headlights. He will soon hang from a post as many of them will such will be the fury of the people, the disenfranchised masses who see his fat lying face everywhere.

He will be dragged from Number 10 whimpering like a wounded animal and strung up on a post in Whitehall. As his useless life fritters itself away, he will spy one face smiling — Corbyn.