Obama: “Why I Turned a Blind Eye to Biden’s Illegal China and Ukraine Deals”

DELAWARE - USA - The President always knows everything, and Obama knew about Hunter and Joe Biden's criminal activities during his tenure.

creepy uncle joe endorsed by Obama

These are desperate times for the Democrats, especially with revelations that Joe Biden allegedly took backhanders worth millions from CCP Chinese companies, and corrupt Ukrainian companies. Bringing out the big guns like Barack Obama, in the last moments of the electoral campaign is not a sign of triumphalism but one of defeat and desperation.

Money laundering

“When you’re President of the United States, you are told everything, and you know everything that is going on. While I was president, it stands to reason that I knew about Joe Biden’s shady illegal deals and his crooked crack smoking, underage girl abusing son, Hunter.


Selling out America

“That’s why I ordered the good folks in the FBI loyal to me and Joe, to lock all that evidence away with a big key, and for it to never see the daylight. Unfortunately, we overlooked that the computer repair shop owner also handed the incriminating hard disk to one of our adversaries, Rudy Giuliani.

hunter crack
Hunter Biden crack pipe

“In this capacity, conclusive evidence linking the Biden family to criminal activities, and photographs showing incestuous underage pursuits, including 14-year-old girl, Natalie Biden, as well as brutal violence, so heinous that they cannot even be described, as a Democrat voter, you must vote for Joe Biden. Despite trying to dig up all sorts of dirt on Trump, Biden makes Trump look like a boy scout. Please folks, we are now begging for your vote. Be a good Democrat and turn a blind eye to what Joe and his son Hunter did during his vice presidency. It didn’t happen. There’s nothing to see here.”

During the former POTUS’s speech, Democrats in the crowd all had glazed over looks in their eyes as they cheered and whooped to every incriminating word Obama uttered.

“I don’t care if Hunter slept with little underage girls and abused them. We’re Democrats, we’re inclusive to everything apart from Republicans, free-thinkers, Libertarians, and those who like freedom and democracy,” one avowed Biden voter revealed after the Obama speech.

Indeed, it is testament to the Democrat voters who overlook child abuse, illegal activities, and abhorrent practices by their candidates, of their fortitude and support whatever the situation.

“We do not have morals when it comes to our candidates, and their evil past. Of course, if a Republican had been caught doing the things Biden has done, we would come down like a tonne of bricks, but if you’re a Democrat, then you get a free pass to do what you want with no consequences. Look at the media for example, there is conclusive proof that major crimes have been committed by the Biden’s, but they’re either censoring it, or ignoring it completely,” another jubilant Democrat voter said.

hunter biden and obama white house april 4, 2016 corruption
Hunter Biden discusses business with Barack Obama – April 4, 2016

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