Thank You Borat! Rudy Giuliani Skit Increases Trump Campaign Standing

LOS ANGELES - USA - Sell out Sacha Baron Cohen's unfunny sketch on Rudy Giuliani has actually increased Trump support, despite its objective of smearing it.

If some blonde chick throws you on a bed and starts fumbling with your clothes, the natural opinion of Mr. Wiggle is to get very hard, and ready for action. Kudos to Rudy Giuliani.

Trump voters have been boosted by the supposed trickery of Sacha Baron Cohen, and his unfunny politicized Borat Democrat party character because it plays into the puritan ideals of the American socialists.

“Ooh did you see that? Some 70 odd year old man actually got turned on by a young blonde who was falling all over him. How outrageous is that, it’s a crime?”

This is where it backfires on the Democrats, they are triggered and outraged by such banal things that to watch them making their pathetic supposedly ‘funny’ comedy skits is actually a reverse joke on them. For them, to be turned on by a young 25-year-old blonde chick is an outrage, but to others, it is perfectly normal and there is no problem whatsoever.

Most Trump supporters will be cheering Rudy Giuliani on, and his stock, as well as Trump’s has increased tenfold thanks to Cohen’s shilling.

We much prefer the innocence of the early Borat years with his shows, but since his controller has moved to America he has become some kind of Woke, socialist tool for the Democrat party, and is using the poor old Borat character to benefit the Marxist swine who think they are going to win the election.

Please do not politicise Borat, it is really sad to watch the terrible demise of this character. One only has to look at the funding for the movie, and to see the Chinese Communist Party financiers all over the thing. Cohen has sold out…and he is not funny any more. Those days are all gone, and he is now tied to the political money and the financiers. They tell him what to do, and if he does not do it, then the movie is not made.

Nevertheless, the ruse has backfired, and Trump is up in the polls. That is one thing to thank Borat for and his money obsessed creator who would sell out his own grandmother if he had the chance. Enjoy counting your money, you fucking sell out.