Huge Surge in African American and Latinos For Trump

LOS ANGELES - USA - There has been reported, a huge surge of support amongst African Americans and Latinos for the Trump vote.

One man speaks about the ghettoization of African Americans in the USA, and how they have been kept in the Democrat Plantation for so long. The huge surge of African American and Latinos voting for Trump is worrying the Democrats.

An independent thinking black person is the equivalent of kryptonite to Democrats.

Break free from the system of poverty created by Democrats to keep black people perpetually enslaved in their socialist plantation.

Crooked Joe Biden is no friend to black people, he vehemently disputed mixing of blacks within the school system in the 70s, and views African Americans as slaves to the Democrat vote machine.

There’s a reason why the Democrat party pushes the silent genocide of millions of black babies through abortion, they don’t see African Americans as viable human beings, that’s the real reason, and an aborted fetus is more valuable in death, than a live African American human being.

Too many black people think it is their duty to vote Democrat, purely because they are told to do so, but why not make your own choices, why not make your own decision? They take your vote for granted, and to this end African Americans are used by Democrats as a means to an end — nothing else.

When Biden said “If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black!” he was being racist right there, he assumed that if someone has a mind of their own, and can reason in a rational manner, that if they don’t vote for Biden, they are not black any more, or should be shunned by the black community. He’s saying black people don’t have a mind of their own and should be told who to vote for.

“You changed my mind. I was gonna vote Biden because everyone told me to but they were wrong. I made up my own mind, and I considered all the arguments. I am now gonna vote Trump,” Deshaun Michaels, from Los Angeles revealed, Friday.

The same sentiment is being mirrored across America, as many Africans and Latinos reject the Democrat vote and embrace the American patriotic Republican vote.

Watch the video, and if this guy don’t convince you, there’s something wrong with your reasoning.

Peace Up!