Therexit On the Cards as the Weak and Wobbly Cannot Negotiate With EU

LONDON - England - The Eurocrats in Brussels have smelled blood, and this is why they are so eager for the now mortally wounded PM, Theresa May to start negotiations.

How can one negotiate without a mandate, with no legs, no arms, just a defiant head and body barely bobbing up and down from the water? This is why the EU is so eager to start negotiations, and are begging Britain to send over their delegate. They want a weak and wounded PM, like May, to play with.

The Conservatives must act decisively to instate a new leader immediately. This is the only way the EU talks will be taken seriously, and May must move aside graciously. She had her time.

Nevertheless, the knives are sharpening at Tory HQ, and a Therexit is imminent.

Our pick is of course, Boris Johnson, who is sure to put some sprouts up the Brussels sniggering elites intent on derailing the process completely.