Hard Brexit Will NOT Cost Britain £66 Billion Per Year

LONDON - England - The Treasury, under staunch Remainer, Philip Hammond, has released another Project Fear report peddling lies and nonsense to thwart Brexit.



And, today, as predicted Project Fear has reared its ugly head once again. The dredged up nonsense from former Chancellor George Osborne, is another attempt by remainers (remoaners) to derail the Brexit as voted by the people on the June 23 EU Referendum.

Firstly, they are not factoring in the many lucrative global trade deals which will be acquired by Britain, and secondly they are not factoring in the cost of EU membership, as well as the myriad of fines and restrictions the EU sets upon Britain.

In 2015, the UK recorded a £67.7 billion deficit in the trade of goods and services with the EU, up from £58.8 billion in 2014.

All businesses in the UK are subject to restrictive costs put on their business even if only a small fraction of companies trade with the EU.

Brexit will open Britain’s trade up to the world, and it will not be restricted within the protectionist closed shop of the EU.

All this talking down Britain, is another attempt by the incessantly moaning remain crowd, a bunch of Marxist anti-Brits who would sell their own grandmother to the EU for the correct price.

The Remain people seem to enjoy totalitarian rule where everything is dictated to them, and where they pay £360 million per week to Brussels and are eventually conscripted into Juncker’s EU army.

Unfortunately, the Theresa May Cabinet, is made up of more remainers than Brexiteers and this is reflected in what is happening. The Treasury under rabid remainer, Philip Hammond is a lost cause.

HARD Brexit is the only way

A pox upon the remainers for you are treacherous traitors to Britain and its people. One can only hope for a civil war so these people, if you would like to call them that, could be thrown into the English channel where they can swim to France and leave Britain to get on with it.

Unless someone comes along who is a real Brexiteer, there will not be a departure from the EU in the near or long future. It is all talk and no action.

If you are a coward remainer, you have no faith, you have no belief in Britain. If you are a Brexiteer, you have faith and courage. You are strong, and you believe in Britain once again regaining its sovereignty and its right to sail the seas trading with whoever we wish.

We can move forward or backwards. Let us move forward, out of the EU jail house, and into the light.