Theresa May Should Have Invoked Article 50 Within a Week of Her Becoming PM

LONDON - England - Whilst Theresa May took country walks in the Swiss Alps, the quislings and traitors plotted to thwart Brexit.



The Daily Squib has been calling for the repealing of the 1972 European Communities Act since July, but nothing happened.

We have been calling for swift action in invoking Article 50 but nothing happened.

Instead, Theresa May was swanning around in Scotland chatting to Sturgeon, or having a jolly holiday in the Swiss Alps.

Whilst all this nonsensical talking and dilly dallying was going on this gave time for the Remoaners to establish High Court cases against Brexit, to cause further damage demanding parliamentary votes, and for the Scottish hate mob to threaten the UK with further blackmail.

During this period of dalliance and unnecessary cogitation, we find ourselves on the brink of disaster as today a High Court ruling falls in favour of the Remoaners and their treacherous bid to scupper the bid of the people and the Crown.

Theresa May has done little or nothing for Brexit, apart from utter meaningless words.

Let us be certain that if the people’s will is not adhered to, there may in the future be severe civil unrest, and possibly civil war in Britain.

The Remoaners are the minority and they must accept the vote of the people and adhere to Her Majesty’s royal prerogative.

Brexit will be Brexit one way or another. Through peaceful means or otherwise.

To return sovereignty to Britain should be our singular immutable task, and it must be done or the traitorous, treasonous quislings will sell us all off to the totalitarian EU once and for all.