Corbyn Steps Closer to Grand Prize

LONDON - England - Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, has thwarted one of many challenges to his leadership of the party he has led for the last year.



“For Jeremy and his supporters this is a great day because it is an indication that Marxism is alive and well in the Labour party and the country as a whole,” a Labour deputy revealed to the Mirror newspaper.

Mr Corbyn has increased his mandate among the party’s membership having won 61.8 per cent of the vote and is the undisputed leader much to the chagrin of centrist and more right wing Labour members, MPs.

As the Labour party confirms its push towards the extreme left wing of the political spectrum, there are ominous clouds dawning over the proposed 2020 general election.

“One must consider that although the Conservatives have a large following in the country, there are also very large elements espousing Corbyn’s Marxist doctrines. There are also large numbers of the population who are alienated, non property owners, jobless, and poverty stricken who will always vote for their champion, Corbyn.

“To this end, even though Theresa May tries to adopt socialistic ‘equality’ policies to placate these elements within the country, there is still a vast chasm separating the haves and have nots.

“Jeremy Corbyn, could thus easily swing the coming election to his favour as the population may be tired of Theresa May’s Tories and her duplicitous agenda. Especially if there is no clear Brexit, or a soft Brexit, there will be many disaffected voters who either go to the right of May or even go left. The onus is on Theresa May to thwart Corbyn and his millions of supporters by conducting a hard Brexit to placate the majority of voters who voted to get out of the EU,” a Westminster insider revealed on Saturday.

As far as Jeremy Corbyn goes, he has had the kitchen sink and its contents thrown at him and has survived a sustained onslaught from his own party members. This stalwart clinical holding on to the reins of power would certainly be approved of by the Bolsheviks, by leaders like Stalin, Mao and Lenin.

Comrade Corbyn may soon lead his Marxist soldiers into Number 10, and Britain’s socialist system, which is the core of the nation, will be complete once again.