Visit Charlotte North Carolina

CHARLOTTE - USA - What a great city to visit this Autumn. Don't forget to visit all the museums in the city and cultural hot spots. With great hotels, restaurants and bars, fun will be had by all.


Charlotte used to have a wonderful heritage and history but that doesn’t really matter now, especially while a bottle is being hurled towards your head thrown by an angry black.

Don’t forget the myriad of museums on display, there’s the the Bechtler museum of modern art, sadly now boarded up, and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fire Education Center and Museum, now sadly just a burnt out husk.

Why not enjoy a smattering of the bard at the Charlotte Shakespeare theatre, a jolly place if it were not for the tear gas and the pigeon-liver’d pygmies.

If shopping is more to your liking, the city’s Southpark area has a wonderful array of shops and malls. Just follow the trail of broken glass to pick up whatever you want.

All in all, Charlotte is a wonderful American city to visit, it’s a vibrant cultural hub with good hotels and museums for all your tastes. You will be greeted by the friendly large African-American population who always have a smile on their faces, even when they’re throwing rocks through your hotel’s lobby windows.

Plenty of places to park your car rental in Charlotte, just be mindful of the hateful black mob who strip, rob and beat you senseless within an inch of your life for no particular reason at all.