Everyone’s Racist If You Have Eyes and Can See You Are Racist

LONDON - England - From birth, the human condition of distinction of differences is a natural human mechanism, conditioned over thousands of years of human existence, called racism or being racist.

Sticking George Soros into a room full of migrants, all talking their own language, some cooking with their pots on the floor, others with their bare toes a few centimetres from his face. Gesticulating arguments and the smell is all too overpowering. Some are defecating in the corner of the room, it is okay in their culture.

Mr. Soros is to stay in this room for 48 hours, with a good mix of races, some from Africa, Eastern Europe, some from the Middle East or South East Asia. Elements of the group surround Soros, his $45,000 suit stands out, and he wears a $250,000 watch that could finance a home for 2,000 refugees.

Ah, I hear you say, this illustrates poverty, not racism. You are right but wrong, maybe one should consider there is a link between the two.

Soros, the only pale, well fed individual in the room is eventually pleading for his life. Where are his bodyguards now? He curses these darkies under his breath as they strip him of all he wears, then beat him into a pulp, leaving him quivering on the floor in his own blood and urine.

You see everyone is inherently racist. From birth, if you can distinguish other colours, you are racist. It is a perfectly natural human condition. Now distinguishing and discriminating are two different concepts, but here is the crux of the problem, when one distinguishes, he chooses, therefore he discriminates from other choices he could have chosen.

In most cases, from birth many stay within their own birth tribe/culture/colour/team/religion or whatever you wish to call it. This is the human conditioning working all too well, thousands of years of conditioning cannot be changed in a short time.


Now, the elite globalists, are merely trying to shock the system. We are now seeing races and cultures from the deepest zones of the earth foisted upon the predominantly Aryan Western countries, who have never encountered such things before. This causes a natural culture shock to the nation involved in the program.

The elite, are of course as racist as any other man, purely because they are exclusive individuals, but they are racist in educated ways, and this is why it permissible for them. Above the echelons and ramparts of the pyramid, an educated elitist from Burkina Faso can understand the elitist from Oxford, England quite well, as can the elitist from Beijing or Washington D.C.

In relation to the current time we are experiencing now, one could postulate that the globalist controllers have overplayed their hand slightly, but to come to that conclusion one must first find out the modus operandi of these controllers.


That, certainly cannot be revealed here in full, but if you think about it, by inflicting millions of culturally and racially different people onto an established predominantly mono-racial nation, many changes take place.

A singular world, a truly global one world order, must eradicate the differences as much as possible in the mind of the globalist architects. Therefore, there must be a singular race mixed up from many gene pools, a singular religion mixed up from many religions and refined into one, and a singular banking currency mixed up from multiple global currencies. From the many, we move to the singular much more easily controlled state. A singular security force which will enforce the New World Order with great voracity from the temptations of jingoistic national fervour.

The key to addressing the New World Order is how does one achieve this progression when blocked by certain nations who are staunchly unwilling to suddenly shock their citizens with a mass influx/invasion from different cultures and races?

War is probably the only answer to those who do not capitulate to forced migratory quotas. War or complete economic depletion.

We shall see.