George W Bush Lost on Runaway Homemade Balloon

DENVER - Colorado - Ex-president, George W Bush led the US authorities on a wild chase yesterday when it was claimed he was inside a runaway hot air balloon but was still unaccounted for after it landed safely in a corn field.

Comrade Brown Urges People Not to be Fooled by ‘Bourgeois Capitalist Tory Scum’

LONDON - England - Unelected Supreme Commander of the British Soviet People, Comrade Gordon Brown, has told of his fears of a revolution led by remnants of a previously defeated Old-Etonion Bullingdonian bourgeoisie that has made a brief resurgence as of late.

Leading Think Tank: "Gordon Brown Blinded by Power"

LONDON - England - Gordon Brown's policies have come under attack from a leading think tank for being blinded by his "clunking fist of ultimate power and control freakery".