Black Lives Matters Riots Proof Local Police Must Be Abolished For U.S. Federal Police Force

CHARLOTTE - USA - The spate of riots in successive U.S. cities reveals a pattern that can only be halted by the abolition of local state police forces and an amalgamation into a singular Federal U.S. Police force. ... Full story

Corbyn Steps Closer to Grand Prize

LONDON - England - Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, has thwarted one of many challenges to his leadership of the party he has led for the last year. ... Full story

Everyone’s Racist If You Have Eyes and Can See You Are Racist

LONDON - England - From birth, the human condition of distinction of differences is a natural human mechanism, conditioned over thousands of years of human existence, called racism or being racist. ... Full story

Privileged Actress Gives Up Wealth and Status to Live in Afghanistan

LONDON - England - Carey Mulligan, a deeply socialist actress has vowed to donate all her millions and go and live in Afghanistan. ... Full story
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Experts: EU Army (CSDP) Direct Threat to Russia

LONDON - England - A team of experts have analysed EU army data coming in from Brussels, deeming it a direct threat to Russia. ... Full story
EU Migrants boats

Bypass EU: Repeal the 1972 European Communities Act Immediately

LONDON - England - An urgent communique from the UK Secure think tank reveals the dangers present from the EU unless Britain acts immediately. ... Full story
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Juncker: “Brexit Will Not Protect Britain From EU Army Invasion”

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Jean Claude Juncker has threatened Britain once again, this time using the menacing spectre of a rogue EU army converging on our islands. ... Full story

Sarkozy: “We Let the Migrants into France So We Are Liable For Calais Jungle”

PARIS - France - Former French president, Nikolas Sarkozy has admitted that it is France's fault that the Calais Jungle refugee camp was created. ... Full story
EU POSTER vote leave

EU: “Jump!” Theresa May: “How High?”

LONDON - England - The EU is increasing their federalist state daily, imposing restrictions on nations within the soviet bloc, punishing nations with fines, increasing migration, implementing an EU Army separate from NATO, yadda yadda yadda.. ... Full story
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EU Army: Daily Squib Accurately Predicted Today’s News in 2012

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib predicted the EU army in 2012. ... Full story
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