Heathrow Third Runway Needed For Influx of ‘Child’ Migrants

LONDON - England - Unaccompanied 'child' migrants will be flown in from France on an hourly basis into the UK over the next ten to twenty years, and this is why it is crucial for Heathrow to have a third runway, the government says. ... Full story

US Election Latest: It’s Over For Trump

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Most of us already knew it was never to be, but now even staunch Trump supporters are starting to feel the pressure of defeat. ... Full story
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Russia: When Satan Comes to Visit

MOSCOW - Russia - The Russians have today unveiled their latest little play toy, the RS-28 Sarmat, or Satan 2, stealth ballistic missile which can destroy an area the size of France with a single detonation travelling at speeds up to Mach 12. ... Full story
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Brain Drain: 1.5 Million Germans Emigrate Due to Mass Migration and Reverse Integration

BERLIN - Germany - As the unfettered influx of migrants does not abate, millions of Germans are emigrating out of the country. ... Full story

Members of Parliament Have Already Voted During the EU Referendum

LONDON - England - The ridiculous nonsense being trotted out by Remoaner MPs like Hilary Benn where he says 'members of parliament should not be bystanders' to Brexit is null and void. ... Full story

8-Year-Old Unaccompanied Child Calais Migrant Says Thank You For Toys

DOVER - England - Children's toys were given to the unusually large 'children' who were granted leave to come to Britain from the Calais jungle camp yesterday. ... Full story

After Many Years Britain Slowly Emerging Like an Abused Wife From a Terrible Marriage

LONDON - England - Britain emerging into the light from the EU prison hurts the eyes at first, but you will get used to it, as sure as the globe opens up from the restrictive prison walls we have been behind for forty long years. ... Full story

Shami ‘Champagne’ Chakrabarti Unveils New Champagne Label

LONDON - England - Shami Chakrabarti, the epitome of champagne socialism, has opened her own champagne label in Islington. ... Full story

Trump Caught Talking Dirty to Farm Animal

WYOMING - USA - Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump has been caught in another uproar, this time involving a farm animal. ... Full story

DEFCON 3 : USA Steps Up to the Plate For Russian Threat

NORAD COLORADO SPRINGS - USA - According to many sources, we are now at DEFCON 3, due to the deterioration of relations between the United States and Russia. ... Full story
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