Article 50: Published List of MPs Who Voted Against Will of the People

LONDON - England - Remoaners were today defeated in parliament by an overwhelming vote of 461 - 89. The treacherous MPs who voted against the will of the people and the EU referendum will not have long political careers after their names are revealed. ... Full story

An Interview With President Donald Trump

NEW YORK - USA - The Daily Squib has been given exclusive access to Donald Trump, at Trump Tower in New York City. ... Full story

Italy Referendum: Going the Same Way of Greece

ROME - Italy - We must congratulate the Italians who have taken a step towards freeing themselves from the communist EU entity, however there is a long, long way to go for any anti-EU party takeover. ... Full story

Globalism Will Not Be Thwarted by Brexit, Trump – it Will Speed Up

LONDON - England - Globalists have nothing to fear by Brexit or the rise of Donald Trump, for a very good reason, these elements work for globalism. ... Full story

National Security: Trump Considering Shutting Twitter Down After Inauguration

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - After a threat made directly from Twitter outlining a plan to shut Trump's Twitter account down for 'Hate Speech' the president-elect Trump has been mulling over ideas for social networks that are biased leaning towards left-wing socialist politics. ... Full story
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Remainer Lib Dems, Labour, Tories are Pro-EU Marxist Communists

LONDON - England - If you support the EU, you essentially support Marxist Soviet Communistic political ideologies and techniques of rule. ... Full story

How Romanians Colonised Britain in Less Than Two Years

LONDON - England - There will be no Brexit, as the deluge continues into Britain day in day out from the EU. ... Full story
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IMPORTANT: If You Voted Brexit Please Contact Your Local MP NOW

LONDON - England - If you voted to take back control from the EU on June 23 2016, you not only made the correct decision, but 52% of voters, 17.5 million people voted for Brexit did the same, please contact your MP now to remind them how the NATION voted. ... Full story
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Tony Blair: “UK Could Have Second EU Referendum in 45 Minutes”

LONDON - England - History repeats itself, as former PM, Tony Blair comes out with another outrageous claim. ... Full story
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Satire Has Been Attacked For Thousands of Years So ‘Fake News’ is Old News

LONDON - England - Satire as a literary genre is once again under attack, however throughout its thousands of years, this is nothing new. ... Full story
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