False Claims in £9 Million Taxpayer Funded Gov Leaflet Uncovered

LONDON - England - Vote Leave has published its analysis of the false and misleading claims made in the Government's recently announced £9 million propaganda campaign. ... Full story
charlie-sheen_platoon 2

Charlie Sheen to Star in Platoon II

LOS ANGELES - USA - HIV positive Hollywood star, Charlie Sheen is set to star in a sequel to hit film Platoon, he has told media sources. ... Full story
FEMINISM Charlotte Proudman

How to Compliment a Feminist

LONDON - England - The Soviet technique of feminism is a tool utilised to fracture, divide, destabilise, ideologically subvert societies, destroying family units and creating a misandric hate-filled feminist society. ... Full story

Psychologists: Feminism is Lesbianism

NEW JERSEY - USA - Professor Germaine Leer, head of the Socio-Psychological department at Princeton University has revealed some of her findings in a new book about modern feminism in the 21st century. ... Full story
10 Downing Street.

The Oracle Reveals 2015 General Election Victory Answer

LONDON - England - Through the incessant electioneering and spectacular displays by buccaneering politicians, the polling stations will be wild with excitement on the night, but the decision has already been cast for the 2015 General Election. ... Full story

Science: Why Biological Women Could be Superseded in Future

STOCKHOLM - Sweden - The rise of feminism and misandry amongst today's women could be the advent of a future with no biological women left, a team of scientific thinkers and technologists revealed on Sunday. ... Full story

Einstein’s Theory of Fuzzy Slippers Discovered

NEW JERSEY - USA - Princeton university has uncovered a secret document left by late scientist, Albert Einstein in an old shoe box, it has been revealed. ... Full story

Transgender Michelle Obama Wants More Rights

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Michelle Obama has spoken for the first time about her turmoil as a transgender First Lady. ... Full story

Terry Wogan: “Looks Like David Icke Was Right All Along”

NORFOLK - England - Former TV presenter Terry Wogan has made an impassioned plea of clemency to author and researcher, David Icke. ... Full story

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein Gets Armed Bodyguards to Shoot Up Man’s Car in Road Rage Incident

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Senator Dianne Feinstein was involved in a motor vehicle altercation Tuesday when she got angry at a motorist's bumper sticker. ... Full story
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