Brexit Now: 35 Hours On NHS Trolley Only to Die a Sordid Death

LONDON - England - As Britain's population grows exponentially due to unfettered migration, the NHS is left on its knees, used and abused by millions. ... Full story

Hook Up Sites Tinder and Grindr Good For Population Control

LONDON - England - News that there has been a massive spike in syphilis amongst users of Tinder and Grindr is welcome news to many who are seriously concerned with over population. ... Full story

Milo Yianapapapadopulos Prolapse Shame Live On Talkshow

LOS ANGELES - USA - Celebrated narcissistic banal show off, Milo Yianapopopoulos has been hospitalised after undergoing an anal prolapse live on TV. ... Full story

How to Handle Early Signs of Dementia

LONDON - England - Dementia is one of the most common mental health disorders amongst the elderly and affects a huge amount of those over the age of 80. ... Full story
black olives matter

Why Black Olives Matter

SICILY - Italy - Whenever preparing a dish, let's say any dish, sticking a black olive on whatever you're rustling up really does matter. ... Full story

Gender Fluids Afraid of Plug Holes and Drains

CALIFORNIA - USA - Doctors are encountering a new phobia that is sweeping campuses in the state amongst gender fluids. ... Full story
pain remedy

Home Remedies for Common Aches

LONDON - England - When you experience pain, your only mission is to stop it as fast as possible. ... Full story

Latest NHS Waiting Time Statistics Show We Must Vote Leave

LONDON - England - Britain's health service, the NHS, is in dire straits as it is straining from the millions who have entered the country from the EU. ... Full story

Government Accepts EU Damages Our NHS

LONDON - England - The Government has admitted that the EU damages the NHS. ... Full story
nhs corridor

EU Referendum Video: Which NHS Will You Vote For?

LONDON - England - A hard hitting video released by Vote Leave shows the realities of the NHS if people vote to stay in the EU, and what could happen if we leave the EU. ... Full story
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