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Why Cancer is So Common These Days

LONDON - England - There are many variables to why cancer is prevalent these days. We discuss some of them.

You may or may have conveniently not noticed why there has been a serious increase in excess deaths since the pandemic. Whatever the reason for these excess deaths is moot, simply because they are being completely ignored by the legacy conglomerate controlled media. What is however being publicised is the increase in cancer rate within the royal family, this cannot be covered up so easily. Notably King Charles, Princess Catherine and of course the lovable Fergie. That’s unfortunately how ‘the news’ works.

Dr Shivan Sivakumar, associate professor in oncology at the University of Birmingham, agreed with Prof Beggs: “There is an epidemic currently of young people getting cancer (under 50s).

“It is unknown the cause of this, but we are seeing more patients getting abdominal cancers.”

Models based on global data predict that the number of early-onset cancer cases will increase by around 30 per cent between 2019 and 2030, a markedly faster increase than the previous 30 years.

Pinpointing the exact cause of certain cancers is of course an arduous task, but there are always clues left on the crime scene. We are surrounded by chemicals, our food is wrapped in plastics, microplastics infiltrate even inside mother’s wombs, hormones in livestock, pesticides, excess alcohol, excess food, excess sugar, 5G radiation, transport pollution is everywhere etc., but what about the covid pandemic?

It has been hypothesised that SARS-CoV-2 employs various strategies to cause cancer in different organs. These include leveraging the renin angiotensin system, altering tumour suppressing pathways by means of its non-structural proteins, and triggering inflammatory cascades by enhancing cytokine production in the form of a “cytokine storm” paving the way for the emergence of cancer stem cells in target organs. Since infection with SARS-CoV-2 occurs in several organs, either directly or indirectly, it is expected that cancer stem cells may develop in multiple organs.

Millions of people caught covid during the pandemic and afterwards, and are still being infected today. It’s off the news, but still chugging away doing its thing. One must also of course mention the numerous vaccines that were pretty much forced on the population, but information regarding vaccines are a closely guarded secret, and may never be released to the public.

According to the news overlords, “No evidence that DNA sequence used in Pfizer shot leads to cancer and other health issues”. They are of course the authority of all truth and morality, and must be believed always. The beautiful thing about cancer is that it can be blamed on anything you want, and the real causes can also be covered up if they are ever discovered. What are they going to do, say sorry that the ‘cure’ was worse than the ‘virus’? Definitely not, in a million years. You got cancer, that’s it.

We may never know why everyone is contracting cancer after the pandemic, so all you can do is enjoy your lives the best that you can and watch everyone get cancer around you before the inevitable happens.

On that happy note, we end.

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