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Think Tank: We Must Bring Back British National Pride

LONDON - England - Bring back British national pride once again is the message emanating from a newly formed UK think tank.

Let’s face it, Britain, or shall we say Great Britain, has too often been beaten down in sentiment as of late. The last few decades have seen a serious destructive quality thrown at Britain’s national pride, and this is all too evident in our economy, in our high streets, and in the national psyche. This is why we must bring back British national pride.

We, as a nation, should pull together and be proud of our astounding achievements, not only with our innovative industries and intellectual property, but in our past as innovators who effectively educated and trained the entire globe in Britishness.

Too many people have been allowed to denigrate Britain, to put British history down, and to actively attack the values of being British. This is wrong, and not conducive to good morale as a nation.

Yes, the UK is a tiny island surrounded by the sea, but so what? Our tiny land mass is surpassed by the extraordinary will to exceed expectations, to power through whatever dire situations stand in our path, and to never give up despite everything sometimes working against us.


Britons, be proud of your nation and do not capitulate or pander to the people who have somehow been put into certain positions of power or given a voice to denigrate our country from within. The woke communists, or the multiple nefarious elements within our institutions intent on the destruction of Britain from within. These people do not work for Britain’s best interests and are here only as agents to sow seeds of discord and doubt.

No! Do not doubt. Do not give up. Never stop moving forward. Always stand for your beliefs and your values.


Being proud of your nation also does not mean you should be some kind of jingoistic nationalistic racist zealot, on the contrary, being proud of your country and your history should be a human right, for it is your free right to acknowledge and enrich the soil you and your ancestors have stood upon for thousands of years. It is thus not a crime for you to be a white indigenous British person, as much as it is to be a person of any other race who has integrated into British society and culture fully.

In times of war, in times of hardship, we must pull together and fight as one. It is unfortunate that these times are nearing every day, as the likes of Russia, and China threaten the NATO alliance daily.

If you find value in fighting for our very survival, you must consider helping Britain in any capacity you can. This may involve joining the army, navy or air force. This may involve training for first aid, or building local initiatives within your community to help in any capacity.


As it stands today, our armed forces have suffered from decades of neglect, decommissioning and dire levels of funding. Successive governments have ignored Britain’s defence forces, underfunded crucial military research departments, and left Britain vulnerable to attack. We must change this now, just like our history is peppered with military prowess, Britain must reclaim its mantle as the fighting powerhouse it once used to be.

To bring forth national change, national equilibrium and national pride once again, we must consider re-introducing National Service for all. This would not only fix low recruitment levels in the armed forces, but lower NHS costs dealing with conditions like obesity. It would lower the epidemic of crime and lower unemployment levels, thus creating less of a burden on the welfare system. It would mobilise and empower the youth, many who are living lives of apathy and dysfunction. It would unite the people and bring back a sense of national pride once again.

Now is the time to think of these things, as time waits for no one or no nation. Before it is too late, before there is a final scramble that may end in chaos, Britain must prepare for the future, and the path of military preparedness and skills is the way forward. If you do not heed these words, and you are a policymaker presently or in the future, it will be upon your head if immediate action is not taken NOW!

Join the army

Join the navy

Join the air force

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