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Bird Flu Being Set Up For Next Global Pandemic

LONDON - England - Bird flu will probably be the next wave of attack on the human population with another global pandemic.

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Thought Covid was bad, well check out bird flu which will be the next global pandemic. The US and UK have been stockpiling drugs like Peramivir for some time.

The consensus is that gain of function research on avian flu has established a few strains that affect a high death rate in humans.

When economic collapse is developing across the global banking systems, it is imperative that the second phase of lockdowns are rolled out. The system will need a cover for economic mismanagement and corruption, and the new phase that will be rolled out will also additionally reduce the global population further.

Lowered immune systems and additional factors will increase the death toll, especially amongst those who have, SARS, and HIV.

The lockdown and pandemic in 2020 was an excellent cover for the US election to be compromised, and there are possible plans to do the same in 2024.

Amongst those working on the models is Professor Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist whose chilling projections of the Covid outbreak led the UK Government to impose the first lockdown. The team’s predictions are that Bird flu will have a case-fatality rate of around 50 per cent in humans. The virus has already been spotted in foxes, otters and seals in the UK. H5N1 has been detected in some 80million birds and poultry globally since September 2021 — double the previous record the year before. It is increasingly being transmitted to a multitude of mammals, and eventually to all humans. According to data released by the UK Government, there have been 175 confirmed cases of bird flu in humans since 1 October 2022. This includes 148 cases in England, 21 cases in Scotland, 5 cases in Wales and 1 case in Northern Ireland.

Changing and disrupting the epigenetic code can be achieved either through the new strain of virus or the vaccine, leading to the Big C.

Vaccine makers are already preparing vaccines for H5N1 outbreaks in humans to human infections. Executives at GSK Plc, Moderna Inc and CSL Seqirus disclosed to Reuters they are already developing or are on the cusp of testing human vaccines matching this current strain. Vaccine’s during a new global pandemic would initially be earmarked for wealthy countries, leaving developing and Third World nations to bear the brunt of the next wave.

The key to the next wave of attack on the population by the new virus will be on selecting those with a reduced immune system function. This is why it is imperative to increase one’s immune system via diet, supplements and exercise.

To make things more realistic and believable, viruses will be released intermittently. The vast economic damage done by these lockdowns and viruses are already priced in, and the controllers have already factored in the various economic constituents, as well as loss of entire distribution chains.

Everything coincides with the new dawn of artificial intelligence.

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