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Saturation Kills Everything

LONDON - England - Saturation kills everything, and every person in the world today is saturated to levels never before witnessed.

Imagine a time when there was only one TV station, only a few radio stations and the odd cinema blockbuster. Buying a vinyl record of your favourite band from a shop made your entire universe, at a concentrated level, you dedicated your entire attention to every nuance, every tiny detail of this piece of music consisting of about six tracks on each side. Even the album cover and sleeve notes, and back cover were pored over. You actually enjoyed, and were genuinely thrilled by whatever you were listening to on the record.

This was the ultimate point of music distribution simply because the listener had such little choice, their attention was entirely dedicated to only what was chosen to be released and these mere morsels of creativity activated the listener entirely. For record companies and artists, that was the apex of the entire history of music.

The same could be applied to those great moments of cinema, where historically defining films were shown to audiences for the first time. There was no internet of things where entire catalogues of films are downloaded or streamed in seconds.

The same applies to books, because the brains of those of the era were not addled with complete mental saturation from all quarters, there was instead clarity in thought, and space to ruminate, space in time where silence was part of the fabric of not only creativity but of appreciation of art in all its forms.

Saturation overkill is the realm of today, where the human brain has been rewired with an attention span of maybe less than two seconds. Just like saturation bombing over Dresden during WW2 killed literally hundreds of thousands of German civilians overnight; so too is there a saturation onslaught on the human brain today. There is no time for the listener to listen because he has to switch over to the next song that is even better, or for whatever reason he has been programmed to almost listen to something whilst watching another thing and twiddling on his phone simultaneously.

Saturation kills stardom, it kills fame, and music personas these days are not revered as the true stars were in the past. There is no real fame anymore, and the numbers do not mean shit. Getting 900 million gazillion listens or views do not mean anything in a world of saturation, simply because many people did not actually listen, and many companies can buy bots by the billion to exact fake views/listens.

Saturation of everything in a mish mash deadly soup of bullshit all dumped into your brain at once is what today is, and it has rendered nearly everything as meaningless. Saturation of analysis kills the magic of art, but today everything is overanalysed and YouTube analysis videos saturate everything, killing the mystique and artistry of what was once a magical piece of artistic expression for someone. Everything, is now a throwaway item simply to be discarded and replaced by another momentary piece of shit. Even the good old stuff, pre-internet, is now discarded and a mere moment in time.

Saturation of news, and entertainment and porn, and all the other shit that goes with every genre, every keyword, and every known piece of knowledge eventually amounts to nothing much, and there you are constantly flicking from one thing to the next, your attention span is now less than a millisecond, and you do not know who you are anymore, or who you were, and you ingest all these things the propagandists tell you to do, they say you are woke, so you are woke now. You don’t even know what it means or why, but you follow blindly because you have been programmed to do so. Through repetition, through saturation bombing of each individual, each group, you do not have a sense of concrete mind anymore, they have changed the wiring in your brain permanently. You are addicted to all of this and you cannot stop. No one will ever know and experience those beautiful time filled pre-internet days ever again.

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  1. This is a very sad article , but it’s april day . I’m Gen X but my Gen Z kids like Can , esp Future Days , which I used to have on vinyl and CD , so it’s not all over yet .Not joking.

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