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Civil War: Far-Left Commies Take Down Trump

MANHATTAN - USA - Election interference has many strands, and using governmental departments for partisan politics to indict Trump is a crime in itself.

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Weaponising the government and its offices for partisan political purposes to take down Trump and the MAGA movement has been the agenda of the far-left communists who have taken over the Democrat party since the beginning. Now, they finally got The Don, and some fat fuck Soros implanted maggot DA of Manhattan is now celebrating his take down before the 2024 election.

“Trump is gonna be in jail in 2024, so we got another election in the bag,” Joe Biden said, thanking the District Attorney who indicted Trump after the statute of limitations expired. Making a misdemeanour a criminal felony is a tactic that has never been tried before, but the Democrats don’t care about the law.

Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime, was the mantra of Stalin’s Soviet Union, and the same quote was used by the corrupt DA who vowed to take Trump down.

This is extremely divisive, and could cause a split in America on physical grounds. In other words, a civil war may occur if justice does not prevail.

The compromised Democrat Party, which has been infiltrated by hard line communists and Marxists who are perverting the law by criminalising politics is bringing tyranny to the United States through the perversion and weaponisation of the Big State.

When they handcuff Trump, the Democrats will have criminalised themselves more than their intended target, and this injustice will cause all hell to break loose soon enough.

Whilst New York City is a cesspit overflowing with drugs, and people are getting shot in Times Square, the DA has done nothing about that. Instead, this pissant stooge has dedicated his time to concoct lies and pervert the law, dragging the country towards tyranny, just because Trump is currently 35% ahead in the polls.

This is war.

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