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Now AI is Creating Perfectly Indistinguishable Death Metal Music

THE METALVERSE - Somewhere deep in the nether frostbitten regions of this land, computers are spurting out perfectly crafted death metal music.


Only a few months ago if you tried to train AI software to replicate and create a piece of heavy metal music, the result would have been a sub-par mish-mash of nonsense and un-listenable machine noise. That is until the people behind the Orc band, the Frostbite Orckings worked on their project and came up with the song ‘Guardians of Time’ which has even been featured in a Metal Hammer podcast.

These are truly scary times we are living in. Soon, AI may come up with something that Beethoven or Mozart would have been proud of in musicality and composition.

The Frostbite Orckings are frankly much more musical and play with distinct clarity than most human ‘death metal’ bands around today.

The power chords coming from this monstrous tune at the beginning of the song were pure metal, as was the video, which was amusing to watch. Obviously, the video was created by humans to complement the music, however soon we will witness AI completed videos as well, no doubt!


Musical Bits creating creativity

Musical Bits creates software that creates music, with the support of AI. Our Maisterstück platform uses AI technology to model all layers of creativity of a human composer and implements these layers as reusable and combinable software components. Maisterstück’s functionality can be accessed via a service oriented API.

The Musical Bits software can create music from real time data, from various user interfaces or from our own emotion modelling engine EME. We even create full virtual bands, albums and songs. For example, check out the Frostbite Orckings.

The composers we virtualize have participated in chart breaking productions worldwide and worked for and with the biggest record companies, cinema production studios and game development creators.


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