POLLS: Biden Popularity Now Lower Than Dog Shit

WASHINGTON DC - USA - According to recent polls, Americans rate stepping in dog shit higher than Joe Biden's approval ratings.

biden dog shit polls

Joe Biden’s approval ratings hit a new low on Monday and touched 23 per cent, worse than how Americans rate stepping on a dog shit, according to a new poll.

The poll conducted by Dipsos has found that after 510 days in office, Biden faces a disapproval rating of 77 per cent.

In comparison, stepping on a dog shit had an approval rating of 41.8 per cent and a disapproval rating of 51.7 per cent.

“Can you believe it, Joe Biden has a worse approval rating than even dog shit for Americans. You know the kind of dog shit that you can’t get off your shoes even after scraping for ages and putting under a hose. You get in your frickin’ car, and that’s all you smell — dog shit!” one pollster revealed.

Approval ratings for Joe Biden can help in understanding how the public feels about the ruling party in Washington, DC.

These trends suggest that voters in most cases have made up their minds by February, reported Dipsos. So, late developments like the draft Supreme Court ruling on overturning Roe v Wade or the ongoing idiocy of the January 6 committee may not influence voters.

Biden has been facing sinking approval ratings for successive months, and fears have grown in his inner circle that his term may end up being like Jimmy Carter’s – the last Democrat president to have served only a single term in office.

Mr Biden’s sagging approval ratings appear to have made the president and his aides feel like “dog shit”. Biden is synonymous with weakness; the Afghanistan disaster, letting Putin off, insane inflation, rising gas and diesel fuel prices, fighting the UK, stock market bear markets, his corrupt drug addled son, a rash of mass shootings that Congress appears unwilling to address, and Russia’s continuing war in Ukraine.

“It’s okay when you step on a dog shit, because we are living under the shitty weak useless era of Joe Biden, which is a lot worse than even stepping on dog shit. In fact, when I step on a doggy doo, I smile and dream of better days when the world is rid of that fuck-up in the White House,” one American commented, after stepping on a dog shit in the park.