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Meghan Markle, who has split her own family, split from her own dad, has now successfully split Prince Harry from the royal family, and caused a permanent split with his own brother.

“It’s goodbye Prince Harry, he was pretty much the most popular of royals, but he will now bunker down in a cabin somewhere in the Canadian wilderness away from the press and his own royal family. Away from those who can advise him, he will be even easier to control by controlling Meghan. She has sunk her claws so far deep, that it may take a miracle to save poor Harry,” royal commentator Hortense Magilowe, told Sky news.

What is the significance of this fatal royal split?

Unfortunately for the Windsors, it will mean that their family is fractured by an outsider who came in and took away their beloved Harry.

“After they go to Canada and America, we will rarely see Prince Harry in Britain ever again. Instead there may be only Instagram posts where Meghan will be selling stuff as an influencer with sponsorship deals. She will also use Archie to sell products, and even Prince Harry may be roped in,” another commentator revealed.

Progressive – What Meghan Wants Meghan Gets

Today is a very sad day for the Windsor clan, and the Queen who was not consulted first by the couple when they made their announcement, was said to have blown her top. The Queen was already very angry that Meghan had demanded to go to Canada for Christmas and snubbed the Sandringham yearly traditional meet.

Isolated, Prince Harry will be even more vulnerable to the controlling narcissistic grifter, as she takes everything from the poor prince, before eventually dumping him to move on to the next chump. If poor princess Diana is watching this now, she must be weeping into the clouds.

Naturally, the Daily Squib predicted this would happen years ago.