Meghan Sends the Queen a Banana

WINDSOR - England - Meghan Markle has sent a banana to the Queen with a message written on it to apologise for ruining the royal family.

Meghan banana to Queen POLITICAL SATIRE

To say sorry for demanding that Harry leaves the royal family and Britain, Meghan Markle sent the Queen a single banana with the word ‘sorry’ written over it in scribbly black ink.

The Duchess of Sussex has sent a final gift to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which was received at Buckingham Palace this morning, the official palace statement read.

Meghan’s spokeswoman, Meghan Markle, wrote on the Sussex’s Instagram page that the Duchess was accustomed to only sending bananas now to people since a certain public engagement last year.

Despite being given everything by the royal family, their own refurbished home, their own engagements, the overseas trips they wanted, the wedding they wanted, the staff they wanted, the truckloads of taxpayer money, it was not enough for poor Meghan Markle, who stated she was ‘barely surviving’.

What the Queen will do with the banana is not known yet.

Meanwhile, there was only abject silence from a miserable Prince Harry on the sensitive matter.