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The obstinate European Union will pay a heavy price for their terrible treatment of Britain, and they know it, yet still are not backing down from their calamitous stance of not taking away the backstop which makes a deal impossible.

“By refusing to take away the backstop which has been voted down three times by parliament, the European Union has effectively signed their own death warrant. With the ‘yes person’ Theresa May, the EU created a deal which benefited them solely at the expense of the UK, but their ruse of pushing that un-democratic deal through the UK parliament failed miserably, and their lackey, Theresa May was eventually ousted.

“Boris Johnson, the incoming Brexiteer PM, tried to engage with the European Union, and encouraged the EU to take away the back-stop which would keep the UK in the EU indefinitely. In all circumstances, the British PM was flatly refused by an obstinate EU who were not willing to renegotiate a terrible deal not worth the paper it was written on.

“The only path forward, because of the EU’s obstinacy was therefore to prepare for a Clean Brexit, otherwise labelled as a No Deal by the Remoaners, who have been trying to thwart Brexit at every opportunity even resorting to dirty parliamentary tricks to stop the democratic vote to leave the EU.

“Less than a year ago British officials under the tenure of Theresa May were bending over backwards to please the EU, even planning to accept all EU laws written into the UK’s and pay £39 billion for the privilege, as well as accepting an awful deal with a back-stop which would imprison the UK permanently with EU regulations for eternity. Thankfully, things changed and now Boris Johnson is calling the EU’s bluff, as they continually refuse any renegotiation.

“The onus has always been with the EU, yet they threaten embargoes, they threaten our fishermen, they threaten our ports, and all sorts of nasty vindictive tricks, all because Britain voted to leave the EU in the largest ever democratic vote in British history, on June 23, 2016.

“The despicable attitude of superiority and denigration of British rights is testament to an EU state which has a vast democratic deficit, and is a totalitarian sovietized entity that does not value individual freedom, only valuing collectivist pseudo-Marxist ideology, amongst a protectionist over-regulated communo-fascist regime.

“Britain will have a right to leave by law on October 31, and it will do so without paying the £39 billion ransom money. There will be nothing the EU can do about it, and they may drag things through kangaroo courts, but the UK will have the upper hand, and it will vigorously fight all the barricades put up by the vindictive nasty EU, a bunch of sore losers, who kick their feet wildly having tantrums, because their expense accounts are threatened. The EU unelected Commission are on an obscene gravy train to eventual destruction from within if they do not eventually change direction.

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“Britain has seen the warning signs, we have lived through two world wars, we have seen the signatures that highlight the EU’s totalitarian communistic direction, with the push for an EU Army, and closer forced integration where member nations will lose complete control of their own destinies, and economies. The EU is a restrictive entity that is building up to be an Empire that Adolf Hitler would have been proud of, however all empires have to constantly expand to survive, and this is why the EU is a threat to world peace. The EU will continue to expand east, and will eventually clash with the Russian bordering countries, causing conflict once again within Western Europe. The EU has formulated itself first as an economic conqueror, bullying smaller nations with its economic might, and now seeks to formulate an EU Army where nations will be press-ganged into submitting their youth as cannon fodder to be foisted on the front lines of future conflicts. Where the Third Reich formulated itself first militarily, the EU formulated itself first economically, and then brought in the EU Army through stealthy methods. The EU is therefore basically the Third Reich backwards and is a serious danger to world peace. History has seen the signs, and the augurs do not bode well for this massive mega-soviet-entity that needs to expand constantly or die.

“Naturally, those who know history and have seen the signals blaring brightly, will hope the EU dies, and implodes from within. This is the only hope for global peace, and nations can continue to govern themselves in peace once again without this EU cancerous tumour polluting the atmosphere.”