too obvious
Too obvious.

It has been a whirlwind few weeks into the run up of the midterm elections in the US.

It started off with a massive purge of conservative websites from social media and the internet search engines, then went on to the Kavanaugh farce, then the orchestrated migrant caravan, and now we have a Native American Filipino MAGAbomber who has been made to believe he is a ‘white supremacist’ when he does not have a drop of Aryan blood in his body, driving around in an insanely ludicrous postered van with pictures of Hillary Clinton in crosshairs, sending fake bombs to democrats.

If this is not election tampering then what is?

These events are beyond any form of satire, however what gives everything away is the timing and who benefits from these events.

Cui bono?

Who benefits? Who stands to gain from all of these orchestrated events? They are all designed to make the democrats look like victims, and thus, the people should vote for them to get the other side out of congress. Anything that makes the Republicans look bad, makes the democrats look good and gets them votes.

The magabomber fiasco is almost akin to finding the passport of one of the 911 hijackers immaculately preserved amongst the pulverised dust of the Twin Towers. Funny how the passport survived in perfect condition and everything else was crushed to dust. The official story was of course that a mystery man appeared out of nowhere, handed it to the police chief, then disappeared again, never to be found. Both stories are highly implausible.

So, we have some idiot driving around in a van practically advertising himself as a security risk, apprehended and detained eventually. Not only is this guy an obvious plant, but he is possibly an alter. He was most probably vetted for months and then given the go-ahead a week or so before the midterm elections. We will never know the truth, because an operation like this is cloaked in utmost secrecy and this guy’s handlers are way out of the picture by now.

Now, if you can get a Native American/Filipino person to believe he is a ‘white supremacist, then you can get him to believe and do anything…absolutely anything.

Case closed. (cue Twilight Zone music..)