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Social Media Censorship: The Jews Had Ghettos Now the Internet Has Them Too

THE INTERNET - We are now witnessing ghettos being created on the internet where those who do not fall in line with liberal thought are condemned to censored silence within a tyrannical wall of shame.

What the so-called ‘liberal’ social media companies are doing today is reminiscent of what the German Nazis did to the Jews in Poland and Germany by putting them in ghettos away from the rest of the population.

Liberals are meant to be inclusive, they are meant to be tolerant of other views, they are meant to be progressive, and innovative, creative. What we have now is a tyranny, we have people who have thrown away liberal values for authoritarian, totalitarian tyrannical values reminiscent of the Nazis during World War II and their treatment of the Jews.

In the 1940s, the Nazis created Jewish ghettos to keep Jews away from the ‘pure’ Christian Aryan populace, the mere sight of a Jew offended their sensibilities, and their Christian religion. Jews were thus stuck in rat filled buildings, overworked, starved and their businesses confiscated. Their voices were stamped out, much like the voices stamped out by social media companies today.

The new Jews of today on the internet are those who have alternate views to the so-called inclusive liberals. If your view is not the same as theirs, you are immediately put upon by the ‘liberal’ mob, judged, reported, then silenced by the social media companies and consigned without trial or reason to the internet ghetto.

In essence there is now a license where it is okay to be bigoted to the so-called bigots, where if anyone is offended by another person they have a right to shut them down without discourse, without a simple conversation or discussion.


Anyone who does not have the liberal point of view is labelled a Fascist, yet the liberals themselves are acting like Fascists themselves. The liberal sensibility of inclusivity does not extend to anyone who offers a different or varying viewpoint, it is just shut down, no mercy, no thought on how other humans may have differing viewpoints within the population, no allowances. This mob rule is very similar to what was happening in Nazi Germany during the 1940s towards the Jews, used as scapegoats and reviled by the establishment and people.

Today, Libertarians and Conservatives are the new Jews, and anyone who does not fall into those ideological boxes, who differ to liberal politics, are also included.

The question is, why have the former-liberals strayed from their inclusive path so much, and if they are not liberals anymore, what are they?

The former-liberals are now acting like Fascist Nazis, or Bolshevik Communists, each have their own totalitarian message of anti-free speech, mass censorship, tyranny, either sending people to ghettos or gulags. It is truly sad to see where former-liberals have gone, and they somehow do not see it for themselves. One supposes that they are so blinded by their rage, and hatred that they have been indoctrinated to a point of blindness and no return.

No more social capital

This internet ghettoisation is possibly due to in part the breakdown of social structures within communities over the past decades, and the internet culture of individualism taking over, where people do not meet face to face any more, and prefer to converse on forums like social media sites, which in effect, are anti-social because they have no social reality, no social capital, or human understanding within the cold hard unforgiving digital walls.

It is now easier to simply delete a person from internet existence then to actually have a conversation with them on a human to human level. If humans talked more face to face, much of what is going on today would not be happening.

The Millennial ‘Safe Space’ is now a tyrannical platform where people with differing thoughts and ideas are pilloried for their viewpoints, shamed publicly and then condemned without trial to an internet ghetto of censorship and silence.

One can only feel pity and shame towards the former-liberals, whether they run social media sites, or are part of the baying mob who single out individuals for mob justice, these people have lost their liberal status and are now part of a tyranny that is very much like what the Nazis did by putting Jews into ghettos. There is very little difference, the internet ghetto or the Warsaw ghetto…very little difference.

The internet was meant to bring humans together as one, instead, because of censorship and tyranny, we now are living in a ghettoised polarised internet dystopian nightmare created by former-liberals, now reminiscent of Nazis.

Shame on you former-liberals, shame on you, what have you become?

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